About Us

Mall Square is a mobile shopping platform which helps a user to discover their neighbouring malls. It also helps the users to discover the products, offers and deals going on in their neighbouring mall stores. Started by a team of 4 people, we aim to solve the problem of people who shop at malls. With deep research and surveys, we understood the paint point and the basic needs of the shopper who sops at malls and have implemented and integrated the technology to save their time and effort in finding the right product of their choice. Deals and offers were un-discoverable in the first place without going to the malls, but we at mallsquare have made them discoverable to the users in order to give them the best mall shopping experience. All the above said, this is done using few clicks on our app Mall Square which we think is a greate opportunity for users who shop at malls.

The Question to all #KAHAMILEGA's is here i.e #MALLSQUAREPE

Team Mall Square